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European Journal of Dental Education

At last our consensus paper on Dental ePortfolios has been published in Novembers issue of the European Journal of Dental Education. This was coauthored with Janice Ellis, David Teasdale, and Mark Thomason.

The paper followed a national consensus meeting organised with CETL4HealthNE, which involved representatives from Dental Schools around the UK. There is currently diverse practice in portfolios and clinical logbooks around different Dental schools, many have institutional ePortfolios but also use separate paper-based log books. The article is part of a process of trying to establish more consistency across Dental Schools, which would benefit learners, particularly when they make the transition from undergraduate into vocational training.

We have a long-standing collaboration with The School of Dental Sciences, where our ePortfolio and clinical logbook are embedded in clinical learning and assessment. The portfolio is used at the point of learning in clinics, where it supports assessment with instant feedback, as well as facilitating reflective learning. A key advantage of the Web-based system over paper is that summaries of grades, procedures are always up to date and readily accessible through the ePortfolio. The Dental portfolio received a commendation in the recent internal subject review. We also host the Dental portfolio for St Mary’s University of London. The reference for the paper is:

Ellis JS, Teasdale D, Cotterill SJ, Thomason JM. Is a generic UK e-portfolio for dentistry desirable and achievable? Eur J Dent Educ 2010; 14:254-6


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