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Checking out Tumult Hype

Just been checking out Tumult Hype as I’m interested in free or low cost tools for generating interactive content and animations in HTML5. Theres plenty of tools out there that let you convert powerpoint to Flash, ideally I was looking for something similar which converted to HTML5. There are tools that do this but they tend to be on the pricy side. Looking around I came across Hype. It is an editor, rather than a converter, but caught my eye with a good set of features and good examples in its customer gallery – and very reasonable £34 ($50) price tag. Its an application for Mac OS X.

Using the trial version of Hype I put together a brief tutorial over the weekend: Bones and Muscles of the Hands

Bones and Muscles of the hand

I was impressed with Hype and it was quick to get up and running, with good documentation and tutorial. Great for simple, but effective animations. I found myself doing image manipulations (cropping, rotating etc) in other tools, but that suits me fine. But then the recording/timeline feature in Hype is really good and not disimilar to some of the expensive high-end software out there. The export facility generates a html file plus a folder containing copies of all the images and resources used, ideal for rapid publishing.


I’ll be using Hype again; it is great if you want to make some hand-crafted interactive content. As a personal interest I’ve got some static content about Medical Terminology for Cancer which gets a reasonable amount of traffic – but really needs a revamp. Is Hype a tool for the masses (something an institution might provide for lecturers/teachers) ? not sure; but for those with a reasonable level of technical literacy producing simple animations without any coding is straightforward, if you are willing to invest a small amount of time learning how to use it. From a developer perspective Hype has great support for integrating javascript, which opens up a heap of possibilities.

Feel free to download (Zip 1.1 MB) and use the tutorial (CC-BY 3.0).


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