Random stuff from Simon Cotterill !

I recently got the new Hub5 router (WiFi 6) from Virgin Media. I found it had better Wifi range and performance compared to the router it replaced. My problem was that I had issues with my MacBook Pro. Outlook and Teams apps wouldn’t connect to the Exchange server and ssh connections made in Terminal wouldn’t work for some domains. There were workarounds for these problems – using the Web version of Outlook in office365 for example, but overall a real pain!

The fix was switching off Auto Proxy Discovery in System Preferences:

Mac System Prefernces - Network - Advanced - Prodxies - unticj Auto discovery

Do this by going to System Preferences – Network – Advanced Settings. Under the Proxies tab untick “Auto Proxy Discovery”, then save and Apply.

Now I’ll wait and see if this has any knock-on effects when using in other locations!


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